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Interesting Facts About Fire Ants

Fir ants have been tunneling out of jungles, forests and into back yards of humans all across the world. Although they are one of the smallest species on earth, they are one of the strongest. The main aim of this page is to introduce you to some of the common facts about Fire ants.

Here are some interesting facts about Fire ants:

• Today , more than 350 million acres across the U.S. are infested with fire ants

• There are two species of fire ants in US-. Red imported fire ants and black imported fire ants, which are similar in biology and behavior.

• A fire ant colony can have as many as 500,000 members and multiple queens.

• Fire ants are omnivorous and especially like foods high in fat.

• Adult fire ants are sot able to swallow solid food and have to carry it back to the nest.

• Solid food is given to the larger larvae, which chew and digest it and then regurgitate it in liquid form.

• Winged reproductive male and female fly into the air and mate while airborne.

• It would be few months before a colony gets large enough to be noticed in the average home lawn.

• There are at present more fire ants in North America than in their native South America.

• Fire ants have no natural predators in this country.

• Small colonies quickly grow into large colonies especially if there are no bigger colonies nearby to compete with them.

• Fire Ants cause the most bites and deaths among other ant species.

• Around 20 deaths in the world per year.

• Fire ants can be an advantage to crops as cotton, sugarcane, and soybean because they make more water and nutrients available to the plants.

We hope you found the above article on common facts about Fire ants informative and interesting!

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