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Dustyant.com is your one stop guide to know all about fire ants. Fire ants are social insects, living in communities and depend on each another to gather food and nesting. Read about dustyant.com and what the site has to offer.

Start with a brief info about Fire ants, before going on to learn in detail about its morphology and behavior. Learn about the role and life of the Queen, Males / Drones and Workers. Go through the complete life cycle of fire Ants. Discover what fire ants eat. Dustyant.com also offers info on the sting of Fire ants, symptoms and the first aid given to keep our readers informative. Know how these ants communicate and some of the other names given to them to avoid any confusion. The Ecological impact of these fires ants is looked into all across the world.

The Biological methods and Physical methods to control fire ants are discussed in detail. Finally, dustyant.com winds with some interesting facts about fire ants.

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