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About Fire Ants

The fire ants were introduced into the United States accidentally in 1929, when a cargo ship from South America arrived in Alabama. Initially spreading throughout Alabama and Florida, it didn't take them long to occupy a dozen of the other southeastern states. The prime focus of this page is to offer useful info about Fire ants.

Today these aggressive Fire ants cover more than 300 million acres in US and keep on growing all the time. Getting on with intro to fire ants, these wingless insects are a variety of stinging ants, having over 280 species worldwide. Some of the common names they are referred to as are ginger ants and tropical fire ants. As a member of the order Hymenoptera, including wasps and bees, these ants are resistant to control. They build mounds in open sunny areas and violently attack anyone who disturbs their mound. They are capable of damaging farm equipment, electrical systems, irrigation systems, and land.

As further information on fire ants, their mobility and ability to set up colonies in varied habitats makes their detection even more difficult. Sometimes, colonies can exist for several years before they are detected. Far more aggressive than most native ant species, fire ants have a painful sting. The ants can sting in concert; often leading to death on smaller animals.

Red fire ants are still on the move. They can travel from one area to another in grass, roots of nursery plants, and other agricultural products. They are considered a pest as their mound-building activity can harm plant roots, thus leading to loss of crops. Their stings, which are very painful, are not life-threatening to humans and other large animals. But these red ants can easily kill smaller animals, such as birds. However, their stings can cause a number of medical problems, like hypersensitivity reactions, secondary infections and neurological complications.

There are four basic species of fire ants - Red Imported Fire Ant, Black Imported Fire, Southern Fire Ant and Native Fire Ant. What is important to know about Fire ants is that these insects are very tough and they have modified and adapted themselves to challenge both flooding and drought conditions. Under the present situations, the red ants cannot be got rid of completely but can certainly be controlled. A number of products are available in the market to destroy ant colonies when they appear. Browse other sections of the site to know in detail and gather more info about fire ants.

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