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Communication In Fire Ants

Fire ants live in well planned communities and are social insects. Living in colonies which includes queens, workers and males, each fire ant has its own well defined role and duty within the colony. Some kind of communication in fire ants is essential for their communities to run and thrive. But how do fire ants communicate? Find the answer in this article.

Fire ants talk and communicate with other members of their colony with the help of signals and pheromones. The pheromones are chemical stuff excreted by animals to influence the behavior of others members of the society. As you are aware, the fire ants spend great part of their time in direct contact with the ground. Whenever it is moving in search of food or some other purpose, it leaves a trail along the ground. The other fires ants pick up this trail and follow. While returning home, the trail is reinforced, bringing other fire ants, till the food is used up. Thereafter, the trail is not reinforced and gradually disappears. This is a fine way of communication in fire ants.

Any violent death of a fire ant emits an alarm pheromone which is in high concentration. This is enough to send other fire ants in the surrounding area into an attack fury. Sometimes fire ants also use propaganda pheromones to confuse their enemies.

Antennae are also used for communication in fire ants. Like other insects, fire ants use their antennae to smell and for information about direction.

Some more examples of how fire ants talk is when the hungry fire ants are seen stroking or tapping one another with their antennae asking for food. They also exchange food with each using mouth to mouth exchange. These fire ant “kisses” are a way of fire ants communication for sharing nutrition and chemicals.

Another way of how fire ants talk is by making sound. By rubbing the joint between its waist and abdomen it is able to produce a squeaky sound, which is often a cry for help. The other fire ants on hearing this sound come running for help.

Fireants also two compound eyes, having many lenses, which help them, see things as broken up. Therefore they are able to detect any movement better than shape. This is really helpful as they live underground in dark areas with no light. But using sight is not the common means of communication in fire ants.

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