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Symptoms Of Fire Ants Sting

Here in this article you will learn about the common symptoms of fire ants sting. Read on.

The sting or venom of the fire ants consists of alkaloids like the piperidine. One of the first symptoms of fire ants bite is that soon the sting swells into a bump. The victim can feel much pain and irritation, especially if he or she has been stung repeatedly by several fires ants at once. The bump can develop into a white pustule, which is at risk of getting infected further if scratched. But if left alone, it usually goes down within a few days.

While active, these pustules are conspicuous and uncomfortable as symptoms of fire ants sting. The early reaction to the sting is the development of a wheal, followed within 24 hours by a sterile vesicle. The fluid in the vesicle becomes cloudy. After 8-10 hours, the typical lesion develops into a sterile pustule on a red, edematous base, which may last for several days. Look out for this characteristic fire ants sting symptom. The pustule then bursts, forming a crust and may take several days to heal later. If these areas of sting get infected, they can turn into scars. Excoriation and open erosions may lead to secondary infection.

Additional symptoms of fire ants bite occur if the victim is allergic to the venom. The person may experience severe and life threatening allergic reactions to fire ant insect stings, which will require emergency treatment. They should visit a doctor or go to the hospital immediately, as some of these reactions can result in death.

Some of the other symptoms of fire ants sting, leading to severe reactions include chest pain, nausea, sweating, and loss of breath, serious swelling, or slurred speech. Anaphylaxis may occur immediately or hours after a sting. These reactions may increase in severity with successive attacks, and fatal allergic reactions are becoming more common.

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