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About Fire Ants Queen

The fire ants queen will is much larger in size that a normal fire ant. She is actually much bigger than all the other fire ants, sometimes even three or four times bigger in size. The queen fire ant is the only fertile one, as all the other females are unable to reproduce. Read on to know more about fire ants queen.

A queen of Fire ants, generally the largest individual in the colony has the primary function of reproduction. She lives for 6-7 years usually and produces up to 1,500 eggs per day. After her mating flight, the Fire ant queen looks for an appropriate place to start a new colony.

Many fire ant colonies often have more than one queen. An established nest can have up to 8 inactive sub-queens, who will flee the nest if in danger. This is the reason why just poisoning the nest of fire ants is not enough to eradicate them completely, as by then, the queen of Fire ants must have already escaped, to start a new colony somewhere else.

If you want to locate or search Fire ants queen the best time to do so is after a light spring rain. The rain forces many of the fire ants out of their colony, and plus their mating time is also during the spring. So if you see a mating pair, the larger one will be a female and the Fire ant queen. And even if she is not the queen, as the only female in its colony she will soon take on the role of the Fire ant queen.

Life can be unsafe for young Fire ants queens. They are often hunted by native Forelius ants as they are an excellent source of protein to feed the Forelius larvae.

Recent research and studies in Europe have reveled that the Fire ant queen can change the sex ratio of her colony by restricting the number of female eggs she lays. It’s of the importance for the queen to produce mostly males in a colony where most of the other Fire ant queens are producing breeding females, and vice versa.

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