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Fire Ants

Welcome to the best online guide to know all about fire ants. Known for their vigorous and aggressive behavior, these wingless insects swarm over anyone or anything that disturbs their nest. Invading areas with huge numbers, these red fire ants can dramatically reduce the populations of native ants and other insects. So, one should watch out and know before hand how to control fire ants.

Every year, roughly around twenty million people a year are stung by fire ants in the US. Originating from central Europe, the imported fire ants are currently invading Japan and North America. Looked upon as a nuisance as it is an invasive species, they cause a variety of medical problems too. Today many scientists and agencies are making serious efforts to develop methods to control red fire ants and curb their invasion.

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Fire ants videos

A Comprehensive Guide About Fire Ants Queen.

Get complete info about fire ants queen and their behavior. Learn how the queen of Fire ants functions and controls the colony.

A Useful Guide On Male Fire Ants Or Drones

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An Overview Of The Life Cycle Of Fire Ants

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What Do Fire Ants Eat? – Answer From Experts

Gat familiar with the food sources of fire ants and what do fire ants eat. Learn all about the food of fire ants, how they get their food and eat it.


Introduced Species Of Fire Ants - Red Imported Fire Ant

Gather info about red imported fire ant, the introduced species of fire ants. Learn all about RIFA, the red imported fire ant, an invasive pest in the world.